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A Toxics-Free Future


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Contamination of water bodies with perfluorinated substances and brominated flame retardants in the Prague area

A study of flourinated and brominated chemicals in fish, water, and soil samples from locations in near Prague, Czech Republic, conducted by Arnika.

While awareness of the hazards of lead in paint has grown, poor funding, local production, continued industrial use and a developed/developing country regulations gap have stymied progress towards its elimination, Ginger Hervey of Chemical Watch reports. Reprinted with permission, 27 October 2020.

市售86款橡皮擦材质和 有毒增塑剂含量调查

Report Abstract: A Material and Toxic Plasticizer Survey of 86 Kinds of Eraser Product in the Market

Statement on Minamata and the Mercury Treaty from Ryukou Sakamoto, Director, Minamata Disease Citizen’s Group, and Hideki Sato, Director, Minamata Disease Victims’ Mutual Aid Society.