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A Toxics-Free Future


Comunicado de Prensa por la masacre de

San Juan de Sacatepéquez 


Fundación para la defensa del ambiente

29 de Septiembre de 2014 


Denuncian muertes en Guatemala en zona asediada por instalación de cementera

(“Ocean Polluters” vs. “Ocean Defenders” Dance Showdown Calls Attention to Plastic Garbage Crisis)

Finance Manager Job Posting

FINANCE MANAGER (Heltid, 100%)


Som Finance Manager ansvarar du för IPENs löpande ekonomiska arbete. Du gör IPENs betalningar och ekonomiska uppföljningar, och ansvarar för finansiell rapportering till våra biståndsgivare. Du ser, tillsammans med vår bokföringsfirma, till att IPENs bokföring är transparent, komplett, och i linje med vad våra biståndsgivare kräver. Du leder också arbetet med IPENs bokslut och årliga revisioner, och arbetar med budget och budgetuppföljning.  


This edition of IPEN's bi-annual Global Newsletter for 2017 focuses on women and chemicals. The newsletter opens with a message from the IPEN Co-Chairs, and includes highlights, stories from the field, and news. All contributions were provided by the IPEN Regional Hubs and Participating Organizations, working together for a toxic-free future.

Please see the newsletter in the following languages:

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French and Russian language versions will be available shortly.


Advocates claim continued federal leadership necessary to move towards eliminating legacy asbestos 

Toronto, ON – Collective relief expressed by activists and public health adovcates across Canada, as federal government released its long-awaited regulations banning the use, import and sale of asbestos, and manufacture and import of products containing asbestos, over the weekend.


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